My daughter struggled with her thumb sucking habit for years. It is the only way she knew how to fall asleep, and no matter what we tried, nothing helped. Her teeth and palate were not forming correctly, and her dentist warned us of the future problems she would face. We tried the bitter nail polish, but that made her feel like we were we punishing her, which led to behavior issues and even changed her eating habits. Courtney helped her to quit within 10 days. Using positive reinforcement and daily support from Courtney, she was able to take ownership and feel empowered to stop something that was at once comforting and damaging. Courtney was incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic, and basically talked her through this problem until it was solved. Not only are my daughter’s teeth and palate shifting back into place, she feels more confident and knows that she can tackle any experience. Her dentist smiled and clapped when she told him she quit! I highly recommend this program to anyone whose child needs help breaking the thumb sucking habit. 

                                                                                                                                                          -Anonymous, child was 7 1/2